George Zimmerman not visibly hurt in new video

by idebunkforme

It does appear, in a video released from the Sanford Police Department’s security camera, shortly after George Zimmerman’s detainment after he shot Trayvon Martin, that Zimmerman is visibly unhurt. Accounts by the right-wing blogs and commentors about Zimmerman having a broken nose are definitely wrong. The police report indicated that he had blood around his nose, but that he was seen by medics while detained in the back of a squad car.

Anyone who has had a broken nose knows that this is not a simple injury, and he would have been sent to the hospital to treat the problem. But his shirt is devoid of blood, his face shows no signs of trauma, and there’s no indication on the police report of his broken nose.

All this has become is certain groups who want to justify their own private thoughts and beliefs, that they, too, would have done what George Zimmerman did. And to make it appear that they’re not racist or extremely nuts, they have to build up a narrative that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor and Zimmerman was just “defending his ground” against such a thug.

With the police releasing more and more details, and no clear signs of an arrest, it does give credence that perhaps there is a political reason behind this, one that Sanford has a history of having.

If only those who continue to cling to Martin being the monster and Zimmerman an innocent victim would accept the reality that grows each time new information is released. I doubt it.