Trayvon Martin showed no signs he fought George Zimmerman

by idebunkforme

According to Richard Kurtz, the funeral director who prepared Trayvon Martin’s body for his funeral, Martin showed no signs that he was in a scuffle, and the only trauma was the fatal gunshot wound. George Zimmerman is on video less than an hour after killing Martin, and shows no signs of trauma. The police report said that Zimmerman only had an injury to the back of his head, some blood around his nose, and the back of his clothes were wet.

So why are we still having a narrative where Trayvon Martin chased down George Zimmerman and fought with him, and that’s why Zimmerman had to shoot him? Why is it that those who think that Zimmerman did no wrong ignore that Zimmerman was told not to follow Martin on his 911 call, that Zimmerman used racist language during the call, that he declared that Martin was running away and that Zimmerman was following him, and that Martin was face down with his hands under him when he died?

How much does the evidence need to weigh to one side before people give up their beliefs?

Watching people argue about this case is like watching people argue that creationism is still real, or that evolution is still a myth. Evidence piles up in only one direction, but they cannot give up their beliefs.