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Month: April, 2012

Another homerun from QualiaSoup: Burden of Proof

QualiaSoup on YouTube hits another one out of the park. Most of these points I’ve offered to creationists regularly on Twitter. Point morons who still don’t understand the burden of proof to this video, and maybe they can see why their burden is unmet.

Why is education failing in the United States?

Because fundamental morons like this get to be on school boards.

@idebunkforme returns!

@idebunkforme returns! That is all.

Is the Christian God a Maniac?

For those who argue that the Christian god is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, then it stands to reason:

  1. This god created everything
  2. Therefore, this god created the tree with the forbidden fruit, and the fruit itself.
  3. This god knew that creating this would allow mankind to fall from its grace
  4. This god could foresee this event.
  5. This god then punished its own creation for doing what it knew would happen based on its own work.
  6. This god would then constantly destroy its creation because they did exactly what it knew they would do.

It stands to reason, then, that arguments of the Christian god being omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent mean that the Christian god is a sadistic, deranged maniac.

However, if this god could not know the events after the choice of whether to eat the fruit, then this god is not omniscient.

If this god could not remove the tree, knowing what would transpire, then it is not omnipotent.

And if this god could not prevent the eating of the fruit, then it is not omnipresent.

One cannot make contradictory explanations to justify the act with the attribute, and still argue that such a god is just and loving. It’s illogical.

Better fit at Twitter

I’ve not gotten word back from Twitter regarding @idebunkforme. So I’ve created @csbair, which will be my more professional/public Twitter, with @iwriteforme my fun account. If @idebunkforme ever returns, it’ll be more of the Twitter account for this blog.

Losing heart in Twitter

Well, so far, no word from Twitter regarding my account. And there are others who are working to demolish the rallying that people are doing to try to get our accounts reinstated. There are far too many unknowns going on. There are too many questions left unanswered. But a select few are going around saying they know what happened, and thus there’s no reason people should be trying to get these accounts unsuspended, it seems.

The hashtag #antiAtheistCampaign has become one where we can continue discussing who’s suspended and who’s returned, who has a new account and who’s still missing. Instead, people are determined to stop this, as well.


It makes me lose heart in what I was doing. It seems pointless to continue if people we normally would have associated with are determined to silence us, all while claiming there’s no organized attempts to silence people.

If Twitter doesn’t unsuspend my account soon, or at least give me word as to what is going on, I don’t know what will happen with this blog. It may refocus. It may become something new under a new name. I don’t know yet.

New atheist/skeptic accounts added to the list of suspended users

I added three names today to the list of atheist/skeptic accounts which have been suspended recently on Twitter. Two were accounts that were unsuspended. One is a newcomer to my list. Still no word about non-atheist/skeptic accounts being suspended like this. If you know of any, feel free to comment about them.

Another update on my status

Nothing new under the sun. No word from Twitter. How’s your Friday going?

Update on my status


Yeah… so how’s your Thursday?

My email to Twitter support to end my suspension was sent today

I submitted a response to Twitter regarding my suspended account, @idebunkforme. Here is the email I sent today:

I have been suspended twice this week for spamming, it appears. I do not spam. I had over 200 legitimate followers, while following no one. I posted scientific, skeptical and atheist posts on Twitter, and built up quite a following for it.
I have also been tracking others who were suspended this week for the same thing, and whose accounts were similar to mine. This seems to be either a coordinated effort to silence our accounts, or a magnificent failure on Twitter’s side for some new automated check that went bad.
My account, @idebunkforme, should be reinstated. It’s not a spamming account. It doesn’t follow-to-get-followers.
I also ask that Twitter investigate ending the suspension of the following accounts:
@idebunkforme (My account)
As well, please investigate why so many atheist/skeptic accounts were suspended at once, and please give a public acknowledgement that Twitter would look into future suspension methods not being so aggressive against legitimate accounts.
Also, when I tried to submit tickets for the suspension online, I kept getting an error that the ticket system wasn’t working and to try back later. Then I saw a flood of emails that were automated replies from the ticketing system. This, too, should be reviewed and fixed.
I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Thank you for your attention in this matter,
Christopher Bair
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