Game for children to play outside – Animal Kingdom

by idebunkforme

I came up with this game while on the way to work today. I will need to refine the rules, terms, etc., but if anyone wants to try to playtest it with their kids, let me know.

Players: For two or more children players.

Needed: Chalk, tokens or pebbles, a die or other mechanism for choosing two and only two results.

Setup: Find a flat, hard surface with individual formations, such as a sidewalk. For each player, mark one of these formations with an animal name. Then one additional formation should be named after an animal. Make sure each animal name is only used once. Then, draw a circle about six inches round with a player’s name for each player in each formation. This will be the marker for how many points the player has scored in that formation.

Play: Choose randomly who will play first. That player stands in one of the formations and declares himself or herself that animal. Then each player in order picks one of the other unoccupied formations until all players are standing in one. The player who chose first then announces he or she is rolling the die, or flipping the coin, or however the random event is being handled. Then each player announces which result he or she thinks will happen (i.e. heads, even number, etc.) in order. The player rolls the die or flips the coin or such. Those who guessed properly add one token or pebble to his or her circle in the formation he or she currently occupies. Those who guessed wrong remove a token or pebble from his or her circle only if at least one player guess right. Then any player who gets five tokens or pebbles total in his or her formation removes all other tokens or pebbles in that formation and writes his or her name under the animal name. He or she now controls that formation and no one else may stand in it this game. The round ends.

After each round, all players move off the formations. Starting with the player in order behind the player who tossed the die, flipped the coin, etc., in the previous round, he or she chooses another formation to move to. A player may move to any formation that is unoccupied or that he or she controls, so long as it’s not the formation he or she stood in the previous round. If a player cannot move to any formation in this manner, he or she is out for the current round and does not get to choose the result of the random event.

A player who stands on a formation he or she controls does not lose nor gain any tokens or pebbles by guessing the result of the random event, but still chooses a result. If he or she is right, then those who did not choose correctly this round still lose a pebble or token, but otherwise does not gain anything himself or herself.

Once a player controls two formations, the game is over. If two or more players control two formations at the end of the same round, then these players all win the game.