It’s not a miracle, but a set of fortuitous events

by idebunkforme

The Navy jet that crashed recently in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that completely destroyed several buildings, left no one dead, and only a few people hurt. Yet the news is quoting people saying that it’s a miracle. Why?

It’s not a miracle in the sense that something supernatural prevented deaths and only allowed a few people to be injured. There’s no sense or logic in such an argument.

It’s not a miracle that it could have been much worse, but it was terrible. Millions of dollars of damage, people left homeless, and now very fearful for their futures so close to the airstrip.

How about the news start treating the event as it should be? Stop quoting people solely talking about their faith and beliefs about it. Who cares about these opinions? It was an unfortunate series of events that led to a multi-million dollar aircraft having catastrophic failure upon takeoff, that the pilots could not steer the jet to the ocean because it did not have the altitude needed, and which caused a densely-populated residential area to be an unfortunate target.

If you want to discuss a miracle, why not have had the plane’s malfunction be fixed before the pilots ejected? Why not have the pilots be able to take the plane to where there would be no homes, no anything, destroyed? Why not just have a flight where nothing went wrong at all?

Maybe I’m just thinking too logically about this.