Twitter sends warning about “spamming”

by idebunkforme

Just a head’s up to all my followers: Today I received a warning on my @idebunkforme account that I had too many flags for spamming people and my account would be suspended for it if I continued. I never send people unwanted commercial messages with the account, and can only figure out that it’s the creationists and other morons I tackle who end up losing arguments. Instead of walking away, they take a shot with the “report for spam” link.

I will continue to refute misinformation and ignorance when I can on Twitter, but when a moronic creationist keeps coming back and doubling down on the stupidity, I’ll have to move on and not risk more baseless flags on Twitter.

Really, Twitter should ignore all “report as spam” flagging if the person replied more than once to the account which was flagged.