My email to Twitter support to end my suspension was sent today

by idebunkforme

I submitted a response to Twitter regarding my suspended account, @idebunkforme. Here is the email I sent today:

I have been suspended twice this week for spamming, it appears. I do not spam. I had over 200 legitimate followers, while following no one. I posted scientific, skeptical and atheist posts on Twitter, and built up quite a following for it.
I have also been tracking others who were suspended this week for the same thing, and whose accounts were similar to mine. This seems to be either a coordinated effort to silence our accounts, or a magnificent failure on Twitter’s side for some new automated check that went bad.
My account, @idebunkforme, should be reinstated. It’s not a spamming account. It doesn’t follow-to-get-followers.
I also ask that Twitter investigate ending the suspension of the following accounts:
@idebunkforme (My account)
As well, please investigate why so many atheist/skeptic accounts were suspended at once, and please give a public acknowledgement that Twitter would look into future suspension methods not being so aggressive against legitimate accounts.
Also, when I tried to submit tickets for the suspension online, I kept getting an error that the ticket system wasn’t working and to try back later. Then I saw a flood of emails that were automated replies from the ticketing system. This, too, should be reviewed and fixed.
I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Thank you for your attention in this matter,
Christopher Bair