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Month: May, 2012

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Today is a twofer, both on the same YouTube video.

The Ridiculously Stupid @silveradical

To go from:

@LogicalNarwhal Not at all. It is the enemies of #homeopathy who are profoundly unscientific because they have closed minds on the subject!


@idebunkforme @SceptiGuy I don’t make claims. I am not on some kind of mission here. I just say things the way I see them.


@idebunkforme @TheKitch2 Because, not being a homeopath, I do not have the answer to your question.


@idebunkforme I don’t think ‘non believers’ are closed minded. Only those who say dogmatically that homeopathy CANNOT work.

In a span of roughly 24 hours. I’d say that this could qualify as another daily dose of stupidity. But he just won it yesterday.

Your Daily Dose of Complete Stupidity (@Silveradical Edition)

See more fun at his Twitter account.

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity (@erichovind Edition)

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Yes, Virginia, There are Stupid and Crazy Creationists on the Internet


Words fail to describe the complete ignorance, stupidity and craziness of the idea that humans once lived to be over 900 years old, but because of the Great Flood, carbon-14 was introduced, plants took it in, and within eleven generations we got to our current not-over-120-years lifespan.

Because Science is Done by Quotes

Creationist NephilimFree on his YouTube video (which is horribly, horribly wrong about science) decides that quotes make science. Want proof?


Not responsible for harm done to brain cells, or any other item, due to incredible stupidity of the creationist’s video or comments.

Twitter User @blondygirl1 is Targeting Atheist/Secular Accounts for Banning

This list, collected by @gods_suck, includes all the accounts that @blondygirl1 wants to get banned by having her followers report them for spam. Just like @GodsWordGodsLaw, it appears that idiotic creationists can’t stand logic, reason and criticism, and resort to false flagging to get rid of those who can show easily how wrong their tweets are.

This woman believes homosexuals are a different race of humanoids


Apparently, homosexuals are a different race than humans, if you listen to this woman’s charges of what they do. Gay men are busy rupturing intestines. Lesbians are busy preying on co-ed dorms. And if you spell the word penis, it’s less sexy. You just have to watch this insane woman’s rant.

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