The Ridiculously Stupid @silveradical

by idebunkforme

To go from:

@LogicalNarwhal Not at all. It is the enemies of #homeopathy who are profoundly unscientific because they have closed minds on the subject!


@idebunkforme @SceptiGuy I don’t make claims. I am not on some kind of mission here. I just say things the way I see them.


@idebunkforme @TheKitch2 Because, not being a homeopath, I do not have the answer to your question.


@idebunkforme I don’t think ‘non believers’ are closed minded. Only those who say dogmatically that homeopathy CANNOT work.

In a span of roughly 24 hours. I’d say that this could qualify as another daily dose of stupidity. But he just won it yesterday.