A conversation with a friend

by idebunkforme

A conversation I had tonight with a friend.

This is very showing of what’s wrong with creationism and other such forms of unintelligent ideologies.
People repeat it, since it’s so easy to fit on bumper stickers and such… And it easily fits into nearly any religious belief.
But when they’re asked to explain how it is, how they know, etc., nothing… They can’t do it.
And I haven’t seen one who has fully understood this means that they should probably stop parroting things just because they accept them.

I would also add that too often, the people who are speaking how science can’t explain something, have never bothered to seek this explanation. Even if it weren’t known now, doesn’t mean we can never know it. Science hasn’t stopped. And when we don’t know something or can’t explain something, that becomes the frontier where science is the best tool for exploration.