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Month: July, 2012

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

This one comes from Conservapedia, the bastion of nuckfuttery Young Earth Creationism.


Easter Island carvings? God has a sense of humor, of course!


Twitter’s down

Twitter went down earlier today. I noticed issues with DNS resolution with their redirector, then nothing was working at all. More information here.

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Yes, what everyone needs is a free PDF ebook that criticizes evolution because it must be so well researched and argued . . .

Sally Ride, first American woman in space, dies

Sally Ride succumbed to pancreatic cancer at age 61. The official news is all over the internet right now. She was a pioneer. It is unfortunate that she witnessed the death of America’s space legacy, and never lived to see it revived.

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Here we have a lecture from a teacher. A teacher who wants to explain the science of creation. You’d think that a teacher who wants to teach about science would be a teacher of science?

You fool! You’re about to learn the science of creationism from . . .

An art teacher.

Nothing says “evidence for god” like quoting the Bible.

I have returned from my suspension

I have returned from my suspension. I should figure out what to blog about again . . .

Currently suspended on Twitter

My account @idebunkforme is suspended on Twitter. I submitted an appeal, but there’s no guarantee that it will return.

Your Daily Dose of Science Rocks

I wish I had taken chemistry with an instructor as cool as this.


Warning: The video is not normalized. And there are several loud reactions.

The UK is funding three creationist schools

Michael Gove has now approved the public funding of three creationist schools in the UK. The three have slightly different methods of teaching creationism, but creationism it is. The Education secretary doesn’t seem to care about these religious-based schools getting taxpayers’ money to proselytize instead of being institutions for challenging kids to learn.

The loophole seems to be that these schools are required to teach proper science in science classes, and not teach creationism or its other forms (including intelligent design) as valid scientific theories. But they can get around that by teaching creationism and such in religious education classes, and what will stop them from teaching only the barest of requirements for science while turning around in the religious studies classes that the science is just not solid and should not be trusted?

It’s very clear that creationists will continue to do what they do best: lie, cheat and deny. It’s the only way their ideas can continue to thrive in a world where reality contradicts their very ideological core.

H/T to AngryWomble

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Since ChristSupreme1 deleted his whinefest of a video before this post went live, I linked to his next latest video.

This Bible study is all about how the Bible does say that humans are animals, because a few passages say that humans will live like beasts. Six minutes of this mind-numbing bullshit.

And below, the original post, before he pulled his video.

Call out the WAAAAMMMMBULANCE! Repeat dosage of ChristSupreme1 from YouTube, whining about how he’s treated on YouTube. He’ll no longer have any dialogue with YouTube atheists unless they admit that they’re “agnostic atheists” and want to hear “THE TRUTH.” “THE TRUTH,” of course, is his religion, I bet.

He doesn’t have time for us heathens, either, since he has seven kids and one on the way. Perhaps he should hear “THE TRUTH” about contraception?

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