Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

by idebunkforme

Since ChristSupreme1 deleted his whinefest of a video before this post went live, I linked to his next latest video.

This Bible study is all about how the Bible does say that humans are animals, because a few passages say that humans will live like beasts. Six minutes of this mind-numbing bullshit.

And below, the original post, before he pulled his video.

Call out the WAAAAMMMMBULANCE! Repeat dosage of ChristSupreme1 from YouTube, whining about how he’s treated on YouTube. He’ll no longer have any dialogue with YouTube atheists unless they admit that they’re “agnostic atheists” and want to hear “THE TRUTH.” “THE TRUTH,” of course, is his religion, I bet.

He doesn’t have time for us heathens, either, since he has seven kids and one on the way. Perhaps he should hear “THE TRUTH” about contraception?