The UK is funding three creationist schools

by idebunkforme

Michael Gove has now approved the public funding of three creationist schools in the UK. The three have slightly different methods of teaching creationism, but creationism it is. The Education secretary doesn’t seem to care about these religious-based schools getting taxpayers’ money to proselytize instead of being institutions for challenging kids to learn.

The loophole seems to be that these schools are required to teach proper science in science classes, and not teach creationism or its other forms (including intelligent design) as valid scientific theories. But they can get around that by teaching creationism and such in religious education classes, and what will stop them from teaching only the barest of requirements for science while turning around in the religious studies classes that the science is just not solid and should not be trusted?

It’s very clear that creationists will continue to do what they do best: lie, cheat and deny. It’s the only way their ideas can continue to thrive in a world where reality contradicts their very ideological core.

H/T to AngryWomble