@idebunkforme is suspended… again

by idebunkforme

Tonight I took on a really absurd woo peddler named @ShinseikoAiRoku, who believes that all of the energy in the universe comes from a source, a spheroidal entity outside of the Matrices of Time, named Yunasun. This entity’s location is known, and broadcasts at 33YHz.

No, I’m not making this up. See for yourself: http://bit.ly/QV7l1L

After threatening me with a libel suit for calling her work woo and saying she wasn’t a scientist, as well as claiming that she will be publishing her highly certain data in journals in the years to come. And she’s self-educated since she excelled beyond the curriculum at whatever school she was at. And the brain can detect the waves for Yunasun. And governments have already been using her work. And earth’s not the only planet with sentient life.

Blocked by a woo peddler like this…