Donation drive for disaster relief from Typhoon Haiyan

My real job is working for a SAAS organization that deals almost entirely with non-profit organization. Two of the organizations we work with are UNICEF and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. A coworker and I convinced the head honcho of our small, but growing, company to setup a donation drive in house, that would be used to encourage the many organizations we deal with to do their own donation drives.

In this discussion, we also got an agreement to match all donations our organization raised for Typhoon Haiyan relief.

This is where my followers on Twitter come in. Since our boss will only match personal donations we bring in, I want to see donations go farther to the relief effort.

Any funds donated to me personally for this Typhoon Haiyan relief drive will be put into the jar at work, and eligible to be matched before going to UNICEF and the JDC.

If you would like to donate, you can send funds (if you are in the USA) through Square Cash ( to, or anywhere in the world through PayPal, as a gift, to

Once the money is counted and donated, I will post the total I donated thanks to those who sent me money did, and our overall donation as an organization.

Even $1 from every follower is an extra $2200 that will be matched going to two great charities.

What do you say?