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This is what a Twitter meltdown looks like

This is what a Twitter meltdown looks like. After the user @rrcatto, aka Rev Richard Catto, voiced his opinion about abortion, and how it was a “blessing” that women carry to term the pregnancies caused by rape, but pregnancies due to incest or which will have birth defects were okay to abort, he attracted quite a bit of attention from people calling him out on his bullshit. This is the aftermath.


Answers to tonight’s Trivia Time

I did another Trivia Time on Twitter. Alliteration, what fun!

Tonight’s theme was “Four!”

The questions:

  1. Nine Inch Nails have only had four #1 US Alternative hits. Name the songs.
  2. Liam Neeson had a role in four theatrical movies that opened in 2012. Name them.
  3. Not counting Brazil, only four countries have won at least two FIFA World Cup titles. Name them.
  4. Who is the only actor who has won four major Academy Awards outside of acting?

Answers are the first comment to this post.

Bad taste GIF time… “Gravity is only a theory!”

Warning, bad taste GIF. You’ve been warned.


Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Courtesy of Andy Schlafly posting on Conservapedia:

WildwoodClaire’s Opinion on Atheism+

This is another argument against the need for Atheism+, by YouTuber WildwoodClaire1


Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Pictures of dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, false dichotomies, inability to grasp real science.

Dinosaurs apparently evolved from crocodilians. Yes, he argues this.

Also, creation scientists are scientists, and when they object to something that doesn’t agree with creation, there’s a debate among scientists… Just can’t beat that level of stupid.

Butchering of radiometric dating also involved. He also considers himself a science, and tells people how science is done. Amazing, it matches creation!

I have returned from my suspension

I have returned from my suspension. I should figure out what to blog about again . . .

Currently suspended on Twitter

My account @idebunkforme is suspended on Twitter. I submitted an appeal, but there’s no guarantee that it will return.

Your Daily Dose of Creationist Stupidity

Amazing, the people who say they’re out to teach “the truth” can’t even tell the truth about the science they’re arguing is wrong. And yes, he says that he went to school to be this kind of apologist…

And, P.S. creationists, stop using “theory” as “guess” or “conjecture” in science. Stop. Really, stop. STOP.

Better fit at Twitter

I’ve not gotten word back from Twitter regarding @idebunkforme. So I’ve created @csbair, which will be my more professional/public Twitter, with @iwriteforme my fun account. If @idebunkforme ever returns, it’ll be more of the Twitter account for this blog.

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